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In our current social climate, many people are still trying to find creative, safe ways to celebrate their child’s birthday. From Zoom Meetups to Google Hangouts parties, there are interactive ways to take a less-than-exciting video call to the next level.

Social distancing does not mean you can’t throw a great birthday party! Here are some ideas to help.

Virtual Twists on Traditional Birthday To-Dos

Parents and daughter celebrating birthday with cake in front of computer

Virtual birthday parties should be treated like their traditional counterparts. You can still incorporate a theme, send invitations, and have fun with decorations.

Choose a Theme

When you throw a traditional birthday party, typically the first step is to choose a theme. It is no different from an online party! You can incorporate your child’s favorite characters, television shows, or choose a more general theme like unicorns, hot wheels, luau, or music. The possibilities are endless.

To make the most of the theme, you can mail or drop off birthday packages to the party guests ahead of time. Include themed accessories like hats or glasses and a goody bag, just like you might in person. You can even include fun snacks, candies, or cupcakes so that everyone can celebrate the special occasion right along with the guest of honor!

Send Out Fun Invitations

Sending out invitations, either by mail or digitally, builds excitement far better than a text message or social media post. You can find tons of cute, themed digital invitations online. You can find affordable, customizable custom invitations for kids on Etsy.

Send the invitations digitally, or print and mail them to give your child’s birthday party a traditional feel. These days, a trip to the mailbox is an exciting escape from the confines of our homes!

Put Up Decorations

Instead of using a virtual background, consider putting up actual decorations. While some zoom backgrounds can feel festive, real decorations can boost the party’s “real feel.” You can use streamers, fun balloons, banners, or wall coverings that go along with the party theme. Party planners recommend using bright colors since research indicates that they can be a mood booster.

The best part is, you can focus on decorating a small area. Even if you go crazy with decorations, you only have a small mess to clean up afterward!

7 Zoom Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The following is a list of fun ideas for virtual parties to celebrate the big day with your birthday kid!

Dance Party

Two kids dancing in front of screen for zoom birthday party ideas for kids

If your child likes to dance, throw a dance party! This is especially fun for younger children that do not yet feel self-conscience about dancing wildly in front of people!

Dance parties get kids up and moving, and fun music can enliven any party. You can teach the party-goers new dance moves or a choreographed dance. Since it’s virtual, you can even share your screen so kids can dance along to age-appropriate YouTube videos.

If you’re dropping off a goody package ahead of time, include a fun musical instrument, like maracas, or music-themed props, like feather boas or toy microphones.

Stream a Movie

Just because you are not going to a movie theater does not mean you can’t bring the movie theater experience to your child’s birthday party. Throw a Netflix party by streaming a fun movie online! This can work for all ages but is a little more geared toward older kids.

For goody packages, include popcorn, candy, and a special drink so that everyone at the party can snack on the birthday snacks at the same time. It creates a more cohesive party feeling, without having in-person contact.

Home Scavenger Hunt

A really fun activity is to organize a scavenger hunt. Make a list of household items for kids to find throughout their house or in their backyard.

Then set a timer to turn it into a race, and give a prize to the first one done! You might also want to offer a small prize for each child that puts back their items.

It’s a good idea to talk to the parents ahead of time to ensure that their space is safe to complete this activity.

Have a Special Guest

Zoom Book Reading by Author Ingrid Simunic

Just because the party is online, doesn’t mean you can’t have a special guest appearance. You can still hire superheroes, princesses, and other party characters to join your zoom party. They can even serve as emcees for the event!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, either. You can hire an artist, children’s book author (like me!), or other creative to lead a fun activity, like a book reading or art project.

Throw a Costume Party

Kids (and even some adults!) will have a great time putting on a costume for your child’s party. Putting on a fun costume can add charm and whimsy to any online party!

You can choose a costume theme, like fairies and butterflies, or let everyone choose their own wild outfit. Earn some bonus points by encouraging guests to get creative by choosing to dress only in items that can be found around the house.

Organize Karaoke

Older and younger kids alike would love to get in on the singing action at a karaoke party. Bring in songs that match the theme of the party, or make karaoke itself the theme!

You can easily find karaoke tracks online on YouTube. Zoom and other video-conference platforms make it very simple to share your screen.

Let the guests take turns, or have everyone sing together! It is a fun way to make everyone smile at your kid’s birthday party.

Play Party Games

Organize a party that incorporates simple children’s games, like Go Fish, Old Maid, and Crazy Eights. Most people have a deck of cards lying around that they can use.

Or, drop off cards or custom game printables to all your guests as a party gift prior to the party.

You can also check out a more high-tech option like Jackbox Games. The website makes it simple to play a variety of games using digital devices as controllers.

For More Fun Ideas and Kid Activities

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