Ingrid Simunic is an award-winning communications strategist with a passion for building the world around us through creativity and effective storytelling. She is a published PhD with a heart for research and a voice for stories. Ingrid loves to talk to people and explore her community. She uses everyday life and interpersonal relationships as the main source of inspiration. When creating her children’s books, Ingrid has the joy of collaborating with her son from concept to finish, incorporating his humor as a vital ingredient.

Author's books

Elliot And The Osprey Nest

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As the first book in the series, you get to meet our eager, animal-loving hero, Elliot. He notices an osprey nest on the shores of Sag Harbor, and his plans for summer change. Now, Elliot spends his days observing the fascinating sea birds through his brand new binoculars. He is just a secret observer until, one day, he has the chance to help and forms a bond with the tiny family of ospreys!

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Elliot and the Raccoons’ Wild Party

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Elliot takes on an adventure following a group of raccoons all around Sag Harbor the night before the town’s annual HarborFest celebrations. He watches the plump little comedians feast on a buffet of discarded food as they run from place to place, leaving messes in their wake. If only the owners of those trash bins learned what Elliot had learned from a wildlife expert at school. Elliot is just a secret observer until he has the chance to help and forms a bond with the adorable group of raccoons!

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Elliot and the Whale Tale

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Elliot gets a gift and a big responsibility when his mother buys him a betta fish. He excitedly cares for it and thinks his little blue friend has a secret – he isn’t a fish, but a baby whale! Elliot wants to help him grow and then release him in the ocean, but the sea may no longer be safe for whales. Elliot must first learn to do his part to care for the ocean before his friend can go home… if the ocean is his home, that is.

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