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South Fork Natural History Museum, Bridgehampton

For Kids! Make Your Own Nature Book: Imagination, Storytelling, and Artwork

Workshop Leaders: Ingrid Simunic (children’s book author) and Andrea Vrabelova (visual artist)
For Children Age 5 and Older 
This creative session, by an author and illustrator sisters duo, is designed to stimulate children’s imaginations and show them easy-to-use techniques to create their own book or nature journal. Participants will receive a free copy of the Elliot and the Osprey Nest from Ingrid’s best-selling, Sag Harbor-based children’s book series. SOFO will display the kids’ creations from this workshop in the museum and online!

For Adults! Foster Your Child’s Native Curiosity & Wonder About Nature for the Future of our Planet (on ZOOM)

Storytelling, Art, and Nature Conservation; Program Presenters: Ingrid Simunic, PhD. and Andrea Vrabelova, ArtD.
This program is for Adults
Ingrid, best-selling, Sag Harbor-based children’s book author, and Andrea, a visual artist, credit their parents and their experiences growing up for their love of stories, art, and nature. Are imagination and creative capacity infinite when cultivated from an early age? Can you build compassion, empathy, and a variety of practical skills by observing nature? The sisters’ mission aligns with that of the South Fork Natural History Museum – to stimulate interest in, advance knowledge of, and foster appreciation for the natural environment in people of all ages.

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Book Readings, Author Talks, and More!

Ingrid Simunic is an award-winning communications strategist with a passion for building the world around us through creativity and effective storytelling. As a published Ph.D. with a heart for research and a voice for stories, Ingrid loves to talk to people and explore her community. She uses everyday life and interpersonal relationships as the main source of inspiration.

When creating her children’s books, Ingrid has the joy of collaborating with her son from concept to finish, incorporating his humor as a vital ingredient.

Ingrid Simunic is available for school, library, conservation, environmental, and other events aimed to educate and inspire children about reading, writing, and caring for animals and their habitats.

Free Nature Journal for Kids