Elliot and the Whale Tale is an adorable addition to Elliot’s Adventures Series! Packed full of local Sag Harbor charm, valuable lessons, and innocent imaginings of a child, book 3 is sure to please new and repeat readers alike!

In this adventure, Elliot brings home a beautiful blue betta fish. He takes his job of caring for his fish very seriously, but as Elliot learns about local whaleboat races, he starts to suspect that his new friend isn’t a fish but a whale! He dreams of hitting the high seas with his growing whale, but the ocean might not be safe for his friend. Thankfully, nobody whales in Sag Harbor anymore, but another human threat looms: trash and pollution! Elliot must learn how to make the ocean safe before his friend is too big for his fish tank!

The Elliot’s Adventures Series teaches children to respect wildlife and care for the environment. Elliot’s kindness and keen imagination lead to mischief and valuable lessons.

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