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Zoom birthday party ideas for kids

7 Great Zoom Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

In our current social climate, many people are still trying to find creative, safe ways to celebrate their child’s birthday. From Zoom Meetups to Google Hangouts parties, there are interactive ways to take a less-than-exciting video call to the next level. Social distancing does not mean you can’t throw a great birthday party! Here are […]

Kids journaling in field

How to Create a Nature Journal for Kids 

Creating a nature journal for kids is a wonderful way to nurture a child’s love and respect for Mother Earth. It’s an effective play-to-learn tool, combining learning, exploring, and adventure! While any blank journal could technically be a nature journal, there are fun ways to customize it for your child’s interests, age, and your local […]


33 Social Skills Books for Kids

Social-emotional learning and the development of social skills are trending in education right now. And for good reason! Children need to learn social skills, or how to act in our society. They also need to learn how to deal with their emotions when things inevitably do not go the way they hope. The Importance of […]

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Elliot’s Adventures Recognized in National News!

Elliot and the Whale Tale has reached #1 on Kindle Best Seller and Amazon New Release lists and has been featured on national media networks, including: Book Publishing Industry Today New York Newswire Lifestyle News Today Elliot and the Whale Tale #1 New Release on Amazon SAG HARBOR, NEW YORK, USA, February 16, 2021 — Author […]


Book #3 Now Available: Elliot and the Whale Tale

Elliot and the Whale Tale is an adorable addition to Elliot’s Adventures Series! Packed full of local Sag Harbor charm, valuable lessons, and innocent imaginings of a child, book 3 is sure to please new and repeat readers alike! In this adventure, Elliot brings home a beautiful blue betta fish. He takes his job of […]


9 Animal Rights Books for Kids

Are you passionate about animal rights and want to help instill that same philosophy in your children? A great place to start is by reading about animal rights in a fun, teachable way. Check our list of nine great animal rights books for kids! What are Animal Rights? Animal rights are the act of providing […]

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How Can Parents Encourage Play?

Play is important! It can positively impact children in many ways, physically, emotionally, and mentally. So, how can parents encourage play? Keep reading to find out!   Encouraging Play Free, unstructured play is a play that occurs without rules or guidelines, such as sponge painting or building pillow forts. This type of play is incredibly […]

Free Nature Journal for Kids