gift ideas for the adventurer kid

If you’re looking for gift ideas for the adventurer kid, look no further! I’ve compiled a list of 55 ideas that will nurture their adventurer spirit!

There’s an increasing amount of science that tells us it’s important for kids to be active, get outside, and stay in touch with nature. It’s not only good for their well-being and development, but it also helps them appreciate the natural world and provides them with experiences and the opportunity to learn about risks.

The Best Gift Ideas for the Adventurer Kid

If you want to encourage your child to spend more time outdoors, the following gift ideas will help! They are sure to feed your kid’s adventurous spirit by either getting them outdoors or educating them about nature.

#1 – Slingshot

While some parents may cringe when they hear the word, a slingshot can make a great gift! When you purchase one with foam balls, some fly up to 40-feet, which will make any adventurer kid want to go outside.

#2 – Bicycle

Every child needs a bicycle. Rather than staying in and playing video games, this not only gets them outdoors but also provides exercise.

#3 – Nature Journal for Kids

A nature journal for kids is a great tool that allows kids to explore the outdoor world and then document what they find.

#4 – Animal Stories for Kids

Kids love animal stories. Try “Elliot and the Osprey Nest”. It’s a #1 new release on Amazon in Children’s Environment and Ecology books. It’s adventurous and educational!

#5 – Tent

Your child may not want to sleep in it at nighttime, but it makes a great play place during the day.

#6 – Explorer Kits for Kids

There are lots of different explorer kits available, from tanks to catch butterflies to microscopes to examine worms. These gift ideas for the adventurer kid are endless!

#7 – Butterfly Garden

Setting up a butterfly garden in the backyard will allow your adventurous child to raise butterflies and learn about their lifecycles.

#8 – Hammock

What better way to spend a lazy afternoon than laying in a hammock watching for birds and bugs?

#9 – Plush Animals with Real Sounds

Check out Elliot’s Adventures for plush animals such as the Wild Republic Audubon bird collection. They are cute and make authentic sounds!

#10 – Binoculars

If your child likes to bird watch, a pair of binoculars make a great gift. You can pair them with a journal to document all the types they find.

#11 – Telescope

Adventurous kids usually have an appreciation for space. A telescope provides them with a way to get a good look at planets and stars.

#12 – Walkie Talkies

Kids who have lots of neighborhood friends will love running around talking on these with each other. It’s also great to see technology from the past in the hands of today’s children.

#13 – Backyard Zip Line

These are easy to assemble and feature handles and an attachable seat. Kids can have the adventure of a lifetime at home!

#14 – Insulated Water Bottle

While your child won’t need this indoors, gifting one will promote them going outside and having fun.

#15 – A Backpack

Your child can feel like they’re going on a real adventure after packing their Osprey Daylight Backpack with snacks and their water bottle.

#16 – A Whistle

Everyone knows children like to make noise. What better way to make loud noise than with a mountain whistle? This proves gift ideas for the adventurer kid don’t need to be expensive!

#17 – Swiss Army Knife

If your child is old enough, consider buying him or her their very first Swiss Army Knife. It will encourage them to go outside and find neat ways to use it.

#18 – A Compass

This is a neat toy that will help learn direction. It’s interesting to know what direction you are facing at all times.

#19 – Magazine Subscriptions

A magazine subscription to National Geographic is a great gift idea for the adventurer kid. They will learn lots of new things with each copy.

#20 – Sleeping Bag

If you bought your child a tent, why not complement it with a sleeping bag? This may just make your child want to sleep under the stars.

#21 – Survival Skill Books

What adventurous child doesn’t want to learn survival skills? This is a great way to teach them how to survive if ever stranded in the wild.

#22 – Survival Took Kit

It’s a great idea to pair their survival skill book with a survival tool kit. This will promote them to go outside and try some of the skills.

#23 – A Slackline

This beginner’s tightrope is a hit with nearly all children. It’s the perfect way to turn your backyard into a fun place.

#24 – Computer Kit

These kits are perfect for teaching children how the technology works and allows them to build their very own computer.

#25 – Hanging Backyard Tree House

One of my favorite gift ideas for the adventurer kid! When you can’t build your own treehouse, why not buy one that’s already made? All you need is a tree to hang it from!

#26 – Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Collection Kit

This kit will keep your child busy for hours as they search the backyard for quartz, pyrite, garnet, and more.

#27 – An Archery Set

Archery is a fun backyard sport for most children. They will love spending time learning how to handle the bow and feel accomplished upon hitting a bullseye.

#28 – A Fort Set

Forts are a favorite of all children. Regardless if it’s one they can build in the house or outside, it will provide hours of fun.

#29 – Science Kits

There are lots of science kits to choose from. Your child can build a solar robot, a volcano, a terrarium, etc.

#30 – Building Kits

Adventurous kids love to build. Why not gift them a tank, model airplane, model car, dinosaur, or even a unicorn they can build on their own?

#31 – Roller skates

If you have access to plenty of concrete consider buying a pair of roller skates for your child. This helps learn dexterity and can provide hours of fun.

#32 – Gardening Gear

If you have a young one with a green thumb, promote this by investing in gardening gear. They can learn to grow flowers, vegetables, etc.

#33 – Horseback Riding Lessons

Children are fascinated by horses. Horseback riding lessons are a great way to get them outdoors, teach them something new, and allow them to make new friends.

#34 – Passes to a National Park

National Parks are great places to hike and learn about nature. They are also a great place to see natural formations and different animals.

#35 – Passes to a Science Center

Spending the day at a science center can be great fun. Between learning about how a tornado forms to feeling an earthquake – there are lots of fun experiments.

#36 – Digital Camera

A perfect gift idea for the adventurer kid to capture their adventures! A digital camera is a great way to get your child outdoors. Provide them a list of 5 items and have them search and photograph them.

#37 – Rock Polisher

Rocks are everywhere. When they are dirty their beauty may not be instantly visible, a rock polisher will change this quickly.

#38 – Rain Suit

Kids love the idea of playing in the rain. Buy them a rain suit and let them experience the magical wonders of dancing in the rain!

#39 – Fish Tank

A fish tank is not only relaxing, but it can be a great way to teach your kids how to care for a pet. Start with a smaller, 5-gallon tank and fish that are hardy.

#40 – Bird Calls

There are lots of bird calls available. Choose a couple and watch your child have a blast. It’s neat to see all the different noises that birds can make.

#41 – Flower Press Kit

A flower press is a great gift for kids interested in flowers and plants. This tool will allow them to create their own arts and crafts. Pair it with wildflower seeds, a scrapbook, and some watercolor paints.

#42 – A Fruit Tree

Your adventurous child will love to plant and care for a fruit tree. Not only does it educate kids about natural cycles and seasons, but it also teaches responsibility. The best part? It produces real fruit to harvest!

#43 – Fishing Pole and Bait Net

If you live close to a body of water for fishing, try a bait net and fishing pole. This is a great way to show your child different types of fish up close and personal.

#44 – A Globe

A globe is a great way to teach your child geography. Your kid will be amazed at how many countries there are, and have fun learning the location of each.

#45 – A Sandbox

Sandboxes are so underrated. While they can be messy, they provide hours of fun for children. Be sure to pair this gift with plastic shovels and buckets for the sandcastle building!

#46 – Animal Masks

Invest in different animal masks and watch the children have a blast. This is a great way for kids to imitate different sounds and learn about how animals interact with each other.

#47 – A Kayak

A kayak can be great fun for the entire family. Just be sure to teach your child about safety and the proper way to use one.

#48 – Sidewalk Chalk and Bubbles

While this may sound really simple, both items are great fun for children! Sidewalk chalk allows their creativity to come out, and bubbles are always fun!

#49 – Swimming Lessons

Do you have kids who don’t know how to swim? With so many accidents each year, this is one of the most important skills to teach them. Swimming lessons are fun and a great way to make new friends.

#50 – A Metal Detector

You never know what you’ll find buried in your backyard. The best way to find things made from metal is by using a metal detector. Your child will have fun looking for “treasure”.

#51 – Trampoline

This may not be a gift that some parents will agree with, but a trampoline (when used safely) is a great way to get your children outside and provide them with exercise.

#52 – Wagon

Your kids will have a blast being pulled around in a wagon. It’s also very handy when taking a family walk.

#53 – Geocaching Kit

Geocaching is a great family activity. It’s essentially outdoor treasure hunting with your smartphone. It can be done anywhere, and all it requires is your phone, a kit, and a free account.

#54 – Rope Climber

A rope climber is a great introduction to fun that’s challenging. Most of them come with a rubber bottom disc for your child to stand or swing on.

#55 – A Fitness Tracker

A waterproof fitness tracker is a great tool to encourage your kids to go outside and get active. Most of these sync via Bluetooth with a tablet or phone. They can track their steps, calories burned, and even sleep time. Be sure to set goals and challenges for them!

More Gift Ideas for the Adventurer Kid

Regardless if you choose nature journals for kids, outdoor toys, or even animal stories for kids, your little adventurer will be entertained for hours! For more great gift ideas for the adventurer kid, follow Elliot’s Adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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