Elliot and the Raccoons’ Wild Party is a #1 New Release in both Children’s Environment and Children’s Baby Animal Books!

As the second book in the series, Elliot and the Raccoons’ Wild Party is following in Book One’s footsteps as a #1 New Release on Amazon. The adventures continue as Elliot pursues a mischievous group of raccoons all around Sag Harbor. He observes their messy behavior as they run from place to place in town, and Elliot can’t help but remember what a wildlife expert told him at school. If only humans would do their part to help keep these chunky comedians out of trouble!

The Elliot’s Adventures Series teaches children to be curious and respectful of the wildlife around them. In this book, Elliot subtly teaches young readers about actions we can take to prevent animals from becoming nuisances. His kindness and quiet observations lead to a special connection to the wild friends he encounters.

Get your copies of Elliot and the Raccoons’ Wild Party and Elliot and the Osprey Nest today!

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